How does a candidates’ self-assessment affect their employment prospects?

The image of the Recruiter is an important issue at work. It determines the effect of our actions. Nowadays, everyone checks their opinion on everything and everyone around them. So how do you ensure a positive image of the Recruiter among candidates? In this article you will find proven ways to do it

Why take care of your image among candidates?

A good image improves our credibility as a trustworthy Recruiter. Trust is the foundation of a good relationship. A good relationship with candidates helps us to close the recruitment.

Respecting time (your own and the other person’s)

Time is money. Your image as a Recruiter is sure to improve when you respond to messages efficiently and interview candidates quickly. Contacting people who could potentially be interested in the offer is key. Well-conducted sourcing and selection of resumes or candidate profiles will help save time for both parties.

Good practice: Before contacting a Candidate/Candidate carefully read his/her profile – it is a good idea to refer to a hobby, an event or a current project of the Candidate/Candidate → for example. I see that you work in banking. Do you want to continue doing projects in this industry? I have heard many conflicting opinions about it. What is your opinion?

Unfavorable practice: Lack of basic information about the offer in the first message → for example. Hello! I am running an interesting project and thought you might be interested. Want to know the details?

Honest and clear communication

From the very first message to the Candidate must be understandable. It should also contain the maximum amount of the most important information for the Candidate. Honesty is key if you want credibility and a good reputation. At the very beginning, it is useful to raise the most relevant issues and those that may seem to be an obstacle or problem for the Candidate. Lying has short legs and does not help build a good image of a Recruiter.

Good practice: send the Candidate(s) a file containing a complete description of the offer – this way he/she can verify for himself/herself whether the offer is suitable.

Unfavorable practice: Lack of complete information, cheating and pushing offers by force.

Added value

Recruitment is not the only thing a person lives by. Your reputation and reputation in the labor market will certainly be enhanced by activities other than recruitment. Having a blog, a YT channel, giving socially or charitably will positively influence your opinion. This will increase your credibility and build trust. You may find that your actions will attract new candidates to you – and that’s a nice change at work!

Best practice: Share a recently read article on your profile. Ask a question and start a discussion on the forum/ LinkedIn, etc.

Unfavorable practice: Focusing solely on sourcing and contacting as many people as possible without deeper analysis.

Partnership relationship

Approach each Candidate with the attitude that you want to get to know him or her better and find out what kind of job he or she is looking for. Ask about current needs and the reason for considering a job change. Don’t push the offer by force. Try to build trust and be supportive and advisory about the new job.

Good practice: refer to the last contact → e.g. Hello! I remember I was supposed to get back to you closer to the new year. 🙂 I want to ask you, are you considering changing jobs in the near future? Would you like to take a look at the offer I have for you to recommend?

Unfavorable practice: No reference to the last contact, throwing in another offer without saying hello.

Recommendations on LinkedIn profile

There is no better advertisement for a recruiter than recommendations from satisfied Candidates. Don’t be afraid to ask for praise and recommendations. Also, colleagues can give you a reference and thus increase your credibility and confirm the quality of your work.

Best practice: Ask a recently hired person to comment briefly and give feedback on working with you.

Unfavorable practice: not being contacted for a recommendation is the worst option in this case.

Nurturing a good image as a Recruiter is not the easiest thing to do. However, it is certainly a game worth the trouble. A good image has a direct impact on your work and helps you achieve your goals. Above, I have listed just a few methods to improve your reputation. And what are your methods? What helps you build a good image among Candidates?