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CV Packages

Welcome to Bliss Human Resource Management, where talent meets opportunity! Our comprehensive CV packages are expertly crafted to showcase your skills, experience, and potential, ensuring you stand out in today’s competitive job market.

Gold Resume

  • Personalized Consultation: One-on-one consultation with a professional resume writer.
  • Customized Resume: Tailored resume highlighting key skills, experiences, and achievements.
  • Cover Letter: Professionally written cover letter to complement the resume.
  • LinkedIn Profile Review: Guidance on optimizing your LinkedIn profile for better visibility.
  • Keyword Optimization: Incorporation of relevant keywords to pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS).
  • Revisions: Multiple rounds of revisions to ensure satisfaction.
  • Job Search Strategy: Tips and advice on effective job searching.

Platinum Resume

  • Executive Level Consultation: Consultation with senior-level career experts.
  • Executive Resume: Comprehensive resume showcasing leadership, achievements, and executive skills.
  • Executive Bio: Condensed version of the resume suitable for networking and introductions.
  • Cover Letter Package: Customized cover letters for different job applications.
  • LinkedIn Overhaul: Complete revamp of LinkedIn profile with strategic content.
  • ATS and SEO Optimization: Ensuring resume is ATS-friendly and search engine optimized.
  • Interview Coaching: Coaching sessions to excel in interviews.

Career Transition

  • Career Assessment: In-depth assessment of skills, strengths, and interests.
  • Targeted Resume: Crafting a resume for a new industry or role.
  • Skill Translation: Converting skills from the previous field to make them relevant in the new industry.
  • Cover Letter for Transition: Cover letter emphasizing transferable skills and enthusiasm.
  • LinkedIn Alignment: Aligning LinkedIn profile with the new career direction.
  • Networking Strategy: Tips on building connections in the new industry.
  • Interview Preparation: Guidance for tackling questions related to career change.


  • Entry-Level Resume: Creating a resume for candidates with limited professional experience.
  • Skills Emphasis: Highlighting relevant coursework, internships, and projects.
  • Entry-Level Cover Letter: Tailored cover letter showcasing enthusiasm and potential.
  • LinkedIn Starter: Basic guidance for setting up a professional LinkedIn profile.
  • Interview Basics: Introduction to common interview questions and best practices.
  • Job Search Tips: Strategies for finding entry-level positions.

Customized Career

  • Tailored Package: Build your own package based on your needs.
  • Resume Writing: Option to include resume writing with various levels of detail.
  • Cover Letter Services: Add cover letter writing or review.
  • LinkedIn Enhancement: Include LinkedIn profile optimization.
  • Interview Coaching: Choose interview coaching sessions if desired.