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CV Packages Bliss Human Resource Management

Gold Resume

  • Personalized Consultation: One-on-one consultation with a professional resume writer.
  • Customized Resume: Tailored resume highlighting key skills, experiences, and achievements.
  • Cover Letter: Professionally written cover letter to complement the resume.
  • LinkedIn Profile Review: Guidance on optimizing your LinkedIn profile for better visibility.
  • Keyword Optimization: Incorporation of relevant keywords to pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS).
  • Revisions: Multiple rounds of revisions to ensure satisfaction.
  • Job Search Strategy: Tips and advice on effective job searching.

Platinum Resume

  • Executive Level Consultation:Consultation with senior-level career experts.
  • Executive Resume: Comprehensive resume showcasing leadership, achievements, and executive skills.
  • Executive Bio: Condensed version of the resume suitable for networking and introductions.
  • Cover Letter Package: Customized cover letters for different job applications.
  • LinkedIn Overhaul: Complete revamp of LinkedIn profile with strategic content.
  • ATS and SEO Optimization: Ensuring resume is ATS-friendly and search engine optimized.
  • Interview Coaching: Coaching sessions to excel in interviews.

Career Transition

  • Career Assessment: In-depth assessment of skills, strengths, and interests.
  • Targeted Resume: Crafting a resume for a new industry or role.
  • Skill Translation: Converting skills from the previous field to make them relevant in the new industry.
  • Cover Letter for Transition: Cover letter emphasizing transferable skills and enthusiasm.
  • LinkedIn Alignment: Aligning LinkedIn profile with the new career direction.
  • Networking Strategy: Tips on building connections in the new industry.
  • Interview Preparation: Guidance for tackling questions related to career change.


  • Entry-Level Resume: Creating a resume for candidates with limited professional experience.
  • Skills Emphasis: Highlighting relevant coursework, internships, and projects.
  • Entry-Level Cover Letter: Tailored cover letter showcasing enthusiasm and potential.
  • LinkedIn Starter: Basic guidance for setting up a professional LinkedIn profile.
  • Interview Basics: Introduction to common interview questions and best practices.
  • Job Search Tips: Strategies for finding entry-level positions.

Customized Career

  • Tailored Package: Build your own package based on your needs.
  • Resume Writing: Option to include resume writing with various levels of detail.
  • Cover Letter Services: Add cover letter writing or review.
  • LinkedIn Enhancement: Include LinkedIn profile optimization.
  • Interview Coaching: Choose interview coaching sessions if desired.