Offshore Staff Solutions

Offshore Staff Solutions

Are You Offshoring from Kenya? We Provide Tailored Offshoring Recruitment Solutions and Outsourcing Recruitment Services in Kenya withCare and Dedication at the Core.

Since 2015 our offshoring Kenya services have helped more than 200 clients from Australia, Europe, Asia and the USA to build or grow their offshore teams. We use an offshoring recruitment approach that can be tailored exactly to your outsourcing recruitment needs from Kenya.

You may be simply looking for a specialized offshoring recruitment agency who has access to the best talent in Nairobi, or you would like us to provide you with a complete, turn-key offshore staffing solution (combining office space, offshoring recruitment and payroll services)? You may wish to locate one to several individual roles offshore, or you may be looking to create a whole offshore team in Kenya? Either way, we can assist you with our experienced team of offshoring recruitment consultants and managers. We will listen intently, consult and always put your needs first, whilst sharing strategies for successful outcomes that we’ve generated for clients of all sizes from all over the world.

Our skilled and wide-reaching offshoring recruitment team gives us access to tens of thousands of highly qualified candidates from roles as diverse as engineering, software developers, project management, IT and infrastructure, digital marketing roles, finance and accountancy, expatriate or local managers and everything in between.

Over the years, we have developed a winning strategy for offshoring in Kenya for businesses looking to save on staff costs without sacrificing quality, process and performance.  We have deep offshoring solutions experience in designing and delivering whole teams for multinational corporations, or simply one to two positions for SMEs who are testing the waters with offshoring and outsourcing for the first time. See below for more details on how we can help you with your offshoring recruitment needs from Africa.

01. The Process

Our Recruitment Process

Welcome to Bliss HR

  • Starter Session

    A dedicated consultation with our recruitment manager and expert senior recruiter. Review sample profiles, finalize the job description & align the sourcing / hiring strategy.

  • Candidate Sourcing

    Our professional headhunters will run a customized recruitment campaign to source the talent you require. Using the most innovative tech, tools and headhunting methodologies.

  • Candidate Presentation

    Within 1 to 2 weeks we’ll initially present 4 highly qualified / vetted candidates ready to interview. Included: candidate CV, assessment, salary/benefits, availability & offer requirements.

  • Candidate Interviews

    We’ll arrange all candidate interviews for you. You can choose remote or in-person interviews. We’ll collect feedback and assist at every stage. More candidates can be presented if needed.

  • Job Offer

    We are here to help you structure an offer that works. We can help negotiate, structure, write and present the offer depending on your needs.

  • Candidate Guarantee

    We will check in during on-boarding requirements, and regularly after to ensure things are working out. If needed, we’ll replace the candidate at no cost as part of our guarantee to you.

. Bliss HR

Offshore Staff Solutions

Drive transformation through people

Nairobi’s leading outsourcing recruitment company offers a full-service offshore recruitment, payroll, and office space solution to create or grow your offshore team in Kenya. Use our Offshoring Kenyan service to reduce your staff cost and increase productivity within your most critical teams. Offshoring and outsourcing in the Philippines is ideal for roles in IT, software development, design, digital marketing, finance & accounting, sales, marketing and more.

Providing close to a Decade of Dedicated Offshoring Recruitment Solutions to the World’s most Dynamic Businesses for IT, Technical and Expert Roles

Creative People fueled with passion

Bliss HR is well recognized as the leading offshoring and outsourcing recruitment company in Kenya. We focus on offshoring recruitment for IT, software, digital, design, marketing, finance, HR, sales and other technical or specialized roles. On one end of the scale, our team has handled the most complex global executive positions for some of the world’s leading multinational corporations when they establish a regional operating headquarters in Kenya. On the other end of the scale, we’ve helped SMEs from all corners of the globe to take their first steps in devising and recruiting one to several off-shored roles, or sometimes an entire team. We provide, experience, advice and support all the way, regardless of the size or needs of your corporation. We have a database of over 200,000 highly curated Kenyan professionals we can reach out to in order to secure top-class off-shored / outsourced employees for you. Plus our offshoring consultants and recruiters pride themselves on delivering professional and courteous service. Right through from the formation of job descriptions, to delivering hiring strategies and on-boarding of your offshore team members from Kenya.

05. Our Clients

What our clients say

We care about what people think. We ask for feedback from every candidate and client we place, as well as our team. It keeps us on our toes and most importantly, ensures our clients, candidates and team get the best from us. Here is what some of our clients and candidates think of us…

“Irene, Mike and Peris at Bliss HR are certainly our ‘go to’ recruiters when we’re searching for the best candidates in the market. Their honest advice, coupled with their personable nature make not only the recruitment process simple but effective. I feel confident that the Knight Frank brand is being well represented through Bliss HR and I look forward to continuing the relationship long into the future.”

Knight Frank

Recruitment Advisor

“After using a number of recruitment companies we found the approach by Bliss HR to recruitment refreshing, honest, personable and professional. Their team listen to us and identify people that are suited to those needs, alongside our culture, and provide valued feedback and support to the candidates to guide them to the right decision. Have yet to find anyone that competes”

Managing Director, Blackburn & Co.

“Irene has consistently been a pleasure to deal with; she is warm, friendly and approachable, yet also takes the time to really listen to and understand her client's requirements. She took a very specific brief from me and surpassed all expectations in first finding a role which met the brief and then supporting me through the recruitment process. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Bliss HR to any company search of a new role from Africa.

National Trust

Building Surveyor

“The whole experience I had with Bliss HR is second to none! They are tentative, respectful, proactive and understanding, pure professional!” “Bliss HR is really professional and gets to know you before suggesting roles. This is your USP in my opinion.” 100% of respondents (19) would recommend Bliss HR to a friend or colleague· 100% would use Bliss HR again When asked to rate their experience 2 responded 7/10, 2 = 8/10, 3 = 9/10 and 12 = 10/10!

Marianne Chan

Accelerate your job search

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