Where other recruitment agencies would send you countless resumes from their keyword search in the hope of an eventual commission if you hire, our approach is methodical and effective. It is also a collaboration – you want the best talent for your budget, we want to earn your business by making that process efficient, effective, and affordable.

A deductible initial fee (Ksh 14,000) is a commitment by you to use our professional services. This is not an additional fee, it is deducted from the success fee, which is only charged upon hire of a candidate.

Once engaged, we’ll kick things off with a business-lead starter session. We’ll look at your recruitment needs as part of a holistic plan to support your bigger picture goals. From here we design a comprehensive recruitment plan, implement it with the input of several professionals, prioritize you, and add your company to our “do not poach” list. We never simply take a job description and scan our database for matches to send to you, we act as your professional talent matching and sourcing team by doing the following:

  • creating (or modifying an existing) job description that is compelling, compliant and culturally appropriate.
    scanning multiple databases for currently available candidates.
  • publishing ads on the major sites, plus our online social network and offline talent network. We even engage our network of specialist referrers.
  • headhunting and passive candidate sourcing using the latest international sourcing strategies and tools for recruiters, modified specially for the Kenyan talent market.
  • we then screen all candidates personally to ensure they are enthusiastic and that their resumes are correct. We extract the most pertinent information about their current earnings, expected earnings, reasons for exploring, availability to start and why they are suitable for hire.
  • we produce a final shortlist that we present to you for interview, detailing all of the information you need to make a hiring decision.
  • we handle appointment setting, negotiate your job offers (if preferred), keeping renumeration fair and the conversations balanced.
  • we can also manage and coordinate other recruitment agencies, and support your in-house HR team.

This is a full-service solution! Our professional approach ensures you gain immediate value far in excess of the nominal, deductible initial fee we charge, and guarantees our incentive is to get you a successful hire, each and every time. It works!

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