Absolutely! We expect candidates you hire to be highly suited to the role you offer, both culturally and skills-wise. When you hire a candidate we introduce, we’ll guarantee to provide you with an alternative candidate for the same position if the original candidate leaves within 2 to 6 months (depending on the search service terms we offer per category).

2 to 6 months is – in our experience – plenty of time for a candidate to settle nicely into the role you’ve hired them for. If you are looking for a longer guarantee, the role may not be well matched to the candidate profile you are currently using.

Good jobs, well presented to the right candidates, are prized. In our experience it’s unusual for a correctly-vetted candidate to leave a position, or for clients to request a replacement. Perhaps our clients’ high retention rate is because we spend so much time evaluating your position and creating a candidate-match profile – of course, we also do all of the initial screening and shortlisting, and we treat the candidate like golden talent, managing their expectations every step of the way. That is why we are so confident that you’ll never need to use our guarantee.

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